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​DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in our products, services, verbal or written or any form of correspondence, collectively referred to as "Advisory", are in good faith and while every care is taken in preparing our Advisory, Fortence LLC team makes no representations and gives no warranties of whatever nature in respect of our Advisory, including but not limited to the accuracy or completeness of any information, facts and/or opinions contained therein. We encourage you to consult with appropriate medical, legal, health, or business professionals. The use or reliance of any information contained in our Advisory is solely at your own risk. Fortence LLC, its subsidiaries, the directors, employees and agents cannot be held liable for the use of and reliance of the opinions, estimates, forecasts and findings in our Advisory.


Customer Info and Order Info: customer agrees to submit the correct information about them and their order. The customer information and order information submitted by the customer, will be used by Fortence to process and fulfill the orders.

Order Price or Fee: when a customer makes a purchase on Fortence website, the customer agrees to pay the price or fee corresponding to their order.

Refund and Returns: all sales are final, unless different terms are specifically indicated on the product page.



Fortence makes no warranties of the results or outcomes of using one of Fortence products or service. It is at the sole discretion of the customer to decide if a Fortence product or service may help the customer achieve a specific result or outcome.



Errors in sales terms, prices, affiliate commissions, and any other technical or administrative errors, are subject to review by Fortence management and may be adjusted accordingly within 90 days of discovering the error.



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