Can a technical career reach a $1 Million salary? And are technical individuals ever worth the investment?

In any large organization, engineers, project managers, or technical teams deliver most of the products and services offered by such company. Engineers have a well-deserved reputation of being intelligent, focused and productive. A known fact, in product development, the initial design decisions are responsible for 80% of the profitability of the final product. In other words, technical teams drive the core profitability of the company. 


However, when it comes to financial compensation, 80% of the lofty salaries and generous bonuses are primarily distributed to the business executive teams; while engineers or technical teams receive a well-crafted recognition email or a tap on the shoulder.

There is a common belief (myth!) that engineers fundamentally lack the necessary business skills to drive the success of an organization. Which is not true! The reality is that engineers can easily learn business skills. But, it's far more difficult for business executives to learn engineering skills. Engineers don't lack skills, but rather, lack key information to make the transition from a technical career to a business executive position. 


Many engineers, project managers, and technical individuals are successfully transitioning to business positions to pursue more financially rewarding careers. Whether the new business career is in sales, marketing or entrepreneurship; the outcome has been a better income, growth opportunity, and self-fulfillment.

During our six-week program you will learn the exact step-by-step process to transition from a technical career to a Business Executive position. The program has been developed and established by our founder and CEO, Dr. TJ, who has successfully transitioned from a technical career to a business leader of several multi-million-dollar organizations.

We have helped and empowered many technical individuals with information, knowledge and confidence to make the transition; now is your time to RISE! You already have what it takes to succeed in a business career. In fact, with a technical background, you are at an advantage.


GOALS | The program has three fundamental goals to help you transition to a Business Executive career with:

  1. Better Income: join the highest paid workforce; and achieve financial freedom.

  2. Growth Opportunity: rewards, bonuses and promotions are based on quarterly results.  

  3. Self-Fulfillment: control, contribute and make a meaningful difference.

The program will specifically cover the step-by-step process of transitioning from a technical career to a business leader in a variety of fields and industries; while explaining why you do NOT need a six-figure MBA degree to make the transition.

CONTENTS | The contents of the program will consist of the following modules:

  • Online course to explore your business career path options. At the end of this course, you should be able to easily make an educated decision about which career path would suit your personal, professional and financial interests the best. The contents of this course will help you identify the type of Business Executive positions that are ideal for your technical background. This course will change your life; literally!

  • Phone or video coaching session to develop a customized action plan based on your desired career path. The coaching session will provide you with short-term tactics to start a new job in your area of interest, as well as, long-term strategy to succeed in your new Business Executive career path. You will be introduced to your next dream job opportunity, without you having to go through a trial and error process. 

  • Complete editing, optimization and formatting of your resume to make your resume highly score on automated HR systems. Remember, these two descriptions are for the same job: “cashier at McDonald's” or “enabler of financial transactions for a multi-billion-dollar organization”. We will utilize our knowledge of each business field and industry, as well as the back-end of HR software, to enable your resume to pass the Business Executive requirements check.

  • Complete editing, optimization and formatting of your LinkedIn account and profile. The goal of this step is to allow your LinkedIn profile to score as a 100% match on LinkedIn candidate metrics, and automatically trigger hiring managers' LinkedIn Business Executive search campaigns. The ultimate goal is for your LinkedIn profile to continuously receive interview requests from job openings in your area of interest.  

  • Optimization of your social media public content. As a potential Business Executive, your reputation is worth everything. Our team will review your social media public content. We will run a web analysis of your social media content that is publicly available. Which will allow you to manage any content that you either want or don’t want your next hiring manager to view.

  • (BONUS | $300 VALUE) Phone or video coaching session to prepare you for your interview in your selected area of interest. The one-on-one interview training session will teach you the current state-of-the-art, buzz words, expectations and challenges in that specific area of interest or industry. Then, will show you how to successfully pass your Business Executive interview and negotiate the job offer.

RESULTS | The anticipated outcome of attending this program is to enable you to successfully transition from a technical career to a Business Executive position with a better income, growth opportunity, and self-fulfillment.


Disclaimer: while this program is open to the public, seats are limited. Due to the schedule limitation of the one-on-one sessions, this program is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. As soon as all seats are booked, the program will be marked as temporarily closed or SOLD OUT.


SIX-WEEK PROGRAM: From a Technical Career to a BUSINESS EXECUTIVE, WITHOUT a Business Degree. Once you complete your purchase of the program, our team will contact you within 72 hours to coordinate scheduling your one-on-one coaching sessions and kick-start the program.

Meet Your Coach


In 2014, Dr. TJ took the leap of faith of leaving his advanced engineering job and entering the business world. Fast forward a few years – today, Dr. TJ has become one of the most influential business leaders, enabling many organizations to make the million-to-billion revenue leap; while empowering an entire generation of engineers, scientists, and project managers to follow their dreams and choose more fulfilling careers.

Dr. TJ has a B.S. degree, two M.S. degrees, and a Ph.D. degree in technical fields; specifically, in products and services lifecycle management, machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistical forecasting, and return on investment and business case development. He is the holder of U.S. Patent 9,522,342; and the author of several technical and business publications.


In his webinar series and online courses, Dr. TJ shares his personal breakthrough story and the simple steps he took to switch from a technical career to a business executive career. He teaches the practical path that many courageous career-changers follow to successfully make the transition, without any additional formal education or significant experience. Dr. TJ coaches his audience to see through the intentional noise and obstacles created by the universities, corporations and banks; for the audience to break out of the "middle class" vicious circle, and live a more fulfilling career and joyful life.

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