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Fortence™ Reputation Management utilizes: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Expertise, to enhance your online reviews; and increase traffic and sales.

The methodology has been successfully applied to businesses with revenues ranging from multi-million to multi-billion-dollar. Our clients have reported an average of 20% increase in revenue within 12 months of joining the program.

There is a business consensus that a negative reputation of a brand will directly affect customer traffic and sales. However, a simple Review Management App is not sufficient. To reverse a negative reputation, a comprehensive resolution is needed throughout the organization; from corporate, to operations, to points of sale.



The Methodology

Fortence™ Reputation Management provides an executive-level overview of the current baseline of each business location in terms of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities; as well as, easy-to-implement action plans to succeed against local competition and increase traffic and sales.

The 3-phase methodology has been developed by our team of PhDs, researchers and business experts. Fortence™ Reputation Management has been proven across different industries. 

Phase 1 is “Reality”. We run an analysis of your online reviews, through our Data and AI models to determine:

   • Strengths and weaknesses of your digital reputation

   • Wins and losses of your direct competitors

   • Customers’ perception of your brand

The outcome of the analysis is not an opinion, but rather the reality of what customers in your market think of you and your competition.

Phase 2 is “Action”. A customized action plan to improve your digital reputation is implemented throughout your organization:

   • Level 1: corporate

   • Level 2: operations

   • Level 3: point of sale

Typically, the positive results of the action plan are achieved at Level 1 within weeks, then at Level 2 within a couple of months, and finally at Level 3 within six months.

Phase 3 is “Perfection”. Our advanced Data, AI and Business capabilities are combined to set up a feedback loop and an early detection mechanism to enable the following:

   • Monitor, measure and improve the action plan

   • Early detection and notification of new issues

   • Proactive planning and resolution of new issues

At this point – we are able to identify and resolve long-existing issues; as well as new issues, prior to significant spread and damage.

Success Stories

Companies across several industries implemented Fortence™ Reputation Management and achieved phenomenal results in 2019; below are a few examples.

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