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Updated: Jan 29

In this article we will discuss how to use your advertising budget to generate 3 TIMES more leads than your competitors. We will also share how we apply an avionics application to digital advertising to double or triple revenue.

When establishing a clean energy B2C or B2B business, it is common to acquire your initial customers or clients through word of mouth or personal network. However, to continue scaling a clean energy business, you will need to automate lead generation and grow revenue.

These are the 3 steps of an automated lead generation process: Target, Reach and Convert. The first and second steps are important. But the third step, "Convert", is where the magic happens.


Start the process by building categories of your ideal customer or client; specifically, demographic (age, income, profession), psychographic (values, lifestyle, personality), behavioral (habits, interests, actions), and geographic (region, city, zip code).

Our advertising technologies are now capable of hyper-targeting any specific customer or client, any where, and with surgical precision. Therefore, it is fundamental to clearly define the characteristics of your target customer or client.


Once you have defined your desired customer or client; it is then time to implement the most effective media to reach them. Here is our top 4 recommended media: paid search (Google ads, YouTube ads, SEM/SEO), social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), competition (competitors websites, YouTube channels, blogs), retargeting (Google tag, Facebook pixel, YouTube users).

The powerful benefit of this digital media, is not only to reach your ideal customer or client, but also to track the leads and revenue associated with each campaign, whether it's digital advertising, PR publication, or promotion. This process enables you to calculate the ROI associated with each marketing or advertising investment, and make changes accordingly.


This is where you can outperform your competitors by 3 times return on your digital ads campaign. Your can generate 3 times more leads and double or triple revenue.

Our team has adapted an avionics application, where aerospace organizations (NASA, Boeing, etc.) utilize an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) methodology to reverse-engineer their operational availability outcomes. We utilize the same AI and ML methodology to reverse your conversions to predict the ideal ad, and then audience. As a result, you will be able to hyper-target your ideal customers or clients, while generating 3 times more leads doubling or tripling revenue.

Fortence Digital Advertising has applied this AI and ML-based lead generation process to several accounts and clients, and doubled or tripled their sales, while using the same ads budget. Your business can achieve similar success.

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