CLEAN ENERGY Branding Before 2010. And After.

2010 redefined branding. It was the year that marked the official shift from traditional branding to the new 2.0 branding era (thankfully!). Before 2010, a brand was usually established through paid advertising. A clean energy company would control the brand's narrative and tell the world what it stands for. However, since 2010, a brand has become exclusively established through employees and customers. Employees and customers tell the world what the brand stands for. The clean energy company can still plant the seed of the brand, but only employees and customers can grow it into a plant.

In this new era, a brand must reflect the core value of the company. And then every employee should believe and live by that value. If employees don't buy in; customers won't. This is basically, Sales 101, you can't sell a product that you don't believe in. Likewise, marketing teams can't communicate to the public a brand that they don't believe in. And given that advertising is simply marketing through paid channels; advertising will fail as well. To successfully launch a brand that employees believe in, the entire process of developing the brand must be transparent, truthful and inclusive. In one phrase, the brand must become a value that employees are proud to share with the world.

Social media, online reviews, and other web contents have given the customer an unfair advantage over multi-billion-dollar corporations. If customers are able to feel the brand, i.e., believe in the core value of the company, then they will share the brand with everyone they know (and don't know) for FREE. However, if customers don't like the brand, for whatever reason; they will destroy the brand in a matter of days, if not within hours. The secret to building a customer base that truly believes in the brand is authenticity. This is not a moral invitation, but rather, authenticity is the only available option for any clean energy company serious about launching a successful brand. Neither marketing nor advertising can mask the truth about a brand. Customers are more powerful than ever; befriend them and invite them to join your tribe.

When employees and customers are the pillars of the brand development; marketing and advertising become intuitive. We have helped and witnessed many companies, from startups to multi-billion-dollar organizations, transform their clean energy initiatives through branding and achieve phenomenal revenues.

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