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Patenting is expensive and licensing is complicated!

Most inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors fail to protect their intellectual property because of lack of knowledge and strategy in both patent application and licensing process. The legal fees of securing a patent can range from $20,000 to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. While the likelihood of licensing a patented idea is near impossible, as corporations receive dozen of licensing inquiries daily and tend to ignore them.


However, there are more economical ways to protect an idea while negotiating a licensing opportunity. While this strategic approach is rather simple; it is not easy. A well-developed provisional patent and a tactical plan to reaching the right stakeholders within several organizations will result both in cost savings and maximum return on licensing. 


Our leadership team has extensive expertise in developing and executing patent strategies; and over a decade successfully negotiating and closing licensing deals. If you have an idea that you truly believe is worth patenting and licensing, then we can certainly save you effort, time and money in executing your path to success while supporting you to close the best licensing deal for your desired outcome.


In addition, if you are not interested in licensing, and would rather protect your idea while developing your own product or service, then our team of experts can certainly enable you to achieve both your short-term and long-term goals while protecting your intellectual property.

LET'S WORK TOGETHER | Starting at $430

GOALS | Our patent strategy and licensing service starts at $430 one-time fee. We can help you create your provisional patent, develop a strategy to protect your intellectual property, and create a plan for your licensing roadmap.


We have been issued patents, closed licensing deals, and developed a network of patenting and licensing stakeholders and influencers throughout several fields and industries. Our value to you is to save you time, effort and money; while guiding you to avoid the traditional patenting and licensing pitfalls. As the saying goes "a smart man learns from his past mistakes; a wise man learns from other men's mistakes". We'd like to share our lessons learned with you, and utilize our expertise and wisdom to successfully protect and license your unique idea.

EXPECTATIONS | Once you reach out to our team, we will first  execute an NDA agreement to protect your idea and intellectual property. Then, we will discuss the best customized service for your needs and our strategic partnership. You will not be obligated to utilize our services and we will not commit to servicing all ideas, unless there is a clear path for our team to successfully provide value to you and an agreed beneficial outcome.


Our partnerships are built on truth and transparency. We will certainly execute the necessary agreements and legal documents; however, we understand that our clients trust our team in delivering the best outcome for their intellectual property needs, and we strive to meet or exceed those expectations.


Our basic service starts at $430. Through this service, we can help you create your provisional patent, develop a strategy to protect your intellectual property, and create a detailed plan for your licensing roadmap. ​

ACTION | Contact us today with your patenting and licensing needs. However,  please do NOT include any information about your novel idea, invention or any sort of confidential information in your email message. We are not liable for any ideas, inventions or confidential information that you may share; and we will immediately destroy any such content. 

Once we receive your initial introductory email at, then we will need to sign an NDA agreement prior to discussing your novel idea, invention or confidential information.


Contact Us Today | Patent Strategy & Licensing | $430 Service Fee

Disclaimer: while this service is open to the public, seats are limited. Due to the schedule limitation of the one-on-one sessions, this service is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. As soon as all seats are booked, the service will be marked as temporarily closed or SOLD OUT.

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Truth and transparency have been the pillars of our business partnerships; and we look forward to building a new partnership and relationship with you and your team.


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