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The majority of digital advertising agencies fall into two categories: 

  • Amateur Agencies: established and managed by amateur teams.

  • Child Agencies: born into a long-existing non-digital advertising organization.


Both categories lack structure, know-how, and transparency. Yet, American businesses are paying these agencies a premium price, often 3 times the actual cost of the digital ads.



How It Works

Most digital agencies will report a monthly “blended” rate of their digital campaigns.

Blended rate = actual cost of ads + agency’s markup

For example, when the actual Cost per Click (CPC) of a specific campaign is $1;  the agency will report to your organization a “blended” CPC of $3. 

In other words, when you pay your agency $75,000 for a digital campaign, only $25,000 is actually spent on the ads; while $50,000 is a profit to the agency.

Access Denied

Access Denied

Your request to access the agency’s ads publishing platform will be denied. The “excuse” is usually because the platform contains proprietary data, models or algorithms.

Basically, you can neither verify the actual cost of the ads, nor validate if any money was spent on the digital campaign.

Fortence Digital | WHY

Fortence™ Digital was born out of necessity. 

We give you full access to our ads publishing platforms; we disclose the actual cost of the ads; and we clearly state our miniature service fee.

Fortence Digital | HOW

Fortence Digital | HOW

We  are a team of professional experts in digital advertising technologies, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We utilize our digital expertise and advanced tools to optimize your digital campaigns to identify, reach and convert your most qualified customers.

Fortence Digital | WHAT

We can reduce your current digital advertising budget to a third, while maintaining your current traffic and sales.

Or, we can use your current budget, while tripling your results in both traffic and sales.

We have successfully enabled our clients to reduce their digital advertising budgets, while tripling their results; your organization can achieve similar success.

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Truth and transparency have been the pillars of our business partnerships; and we look forward to building a new partnership and relationship with you and your team.


Contact us today to start the conversation and further discuss how we can help.


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