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Your high school grades are not the problem. Your lack of professional training is. Boost your college application!

Fortence™ Elite Business Fellowship is the first elite and prestigious business coaching program of its kind. Select high school students are taught, directed and mentored by business executives of billion-dollar organizations.

The Elite Business Fellowship program consists of a 6-week online course; including practical training and hands-on business projects. At the end of the course, students will receive the Elite Business Fellowship DIPLOMA.

In addition to the earned business expertise and diploma, being directly coached by a world-class business executive boosts the students' confidence and self-esteem. All these benefits empower students to successfully apply and interview for their desired colleges.

"Learning from your mistakes, makes you smart. Learning from other people's mistakes, makes you wise". The personal and professional wisdom accumulated through attending this program is life-changing. Apply today!


Students register for the Elite Business Fellowship program. The program consists of a six-week online course and business projects. Registered students will attend one class per week, for a total of six classes, to complete the program.

The Elite Business Fellowship is comprised of three fundamental phases: 1) definition, 2) application and 3) evaluation. 

DEFINITION: introduction to business definitions and professional vocabulary, and real-world examples. Students will become familiar with many business concepts. For example, the difference between branding, marketing and advertising.

APPLICATION: application of the accumulated business knowledge to different business scenarios. The coach, i.e., business executive, teaching the course will demonstrate situations from real-world business challenges. Then, a detailed approach to resolving those challenges will be developed, presented and explained.

EVALUATION: tests and projects will be assigned to students to evaluate their understanding of the course materials. Then, each project will be reviewed and constructive feedback will be provided to each student individually. The goal is to boost the student's confidence while ensuring their understanding and mastery of the taught business concepts.

In 2019, hundreds of students have successfully completed the Elite Business Fellowship program. However, due to the large quantity of applications and due to scheduling constraints, only a limited number of seats are offered every two months. Once the program is marked as "SOLD OUT", registration will be automatically close, and interested students will have to wait for the next class cycle to register and attend the program.


The Elite Business Fellowship program has been developed by Dr. TJ (Dr. TJ Jazouli, Ph.D.; tales of a genius) out of necessity. College applications are usually considered based on academic performance. However, the screened applications are then evaluated and accepted based on professional training, non-academic certifications and diplomas, and other extracurricular achievements. This lack of information, or in some cases overload of misinformation, about the application process is causing many "avoidable" rejections of college applications.

As a result, Dr. TJ decided to develop several programs to help high school students boost their college application; later named the Elite Business Fellowship program. Since then, the fellowship has helped many students boost their resume with valuable professional training and increase their odds of being accepted to their desired colleges.


Students attending the Elite Business Fellowship program will have a unique opportunity to be directly taught, directed and coached by Dr. TJ. He is a highly analytical business leader, with extensive expertise in strategic planning and business development, and a successful track record of driving revenue, achieving cost reductions, and penetrating new markets. Dr. TJ is a board member, startup advisor, business coach and investor. 


He has a B.S. degree, two M.S. degrees, and a Ph.D. degree in technical and business fields; specifically, in product lifecycle management, marketing and advertising, artificial intelligence, statistical forecasting, and return on investment and business case development. He is the holder of U.S. Patent 9,522,342; and the author of several technical and business publications.


Dr. TJ has had the opportunity to successfully lead and transform midsized companies into multi-million-dollar organizations. He has over 15 years of extensive expertise in business consulting, service and product development, retail and sales management, marketing and advertising, logistics and operations management, and acquisition and merger management.

Dr. TJ's achievements are a reflection of his extraordinary genius. He has achieved the highest levels of education in a record-breaking time; he completed an M.S. degree in one year and a Ph.D. degree in two years. While professionally, Dr. TJ has enabled many startups to quickly triple and quadruple their revenues within months, and led larger organizations to successfully make the million-to-billion leap.



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*Due to the large quantity of applications and due to scheduling constraints, only a limited number of qualified applications are considered for the coaching program.


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