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If you're working with a digital advertising agency, you could be missing on one of these two revenue opportunities; hopefully not both.

  • OPPORTUNITY #1: Stop Ignoring 50% of Potential Sales

Your agency does not utilize predictive advertising, i.e., statistical forecasting of ads performance. A methodology adopted from aerospace (e.g., NASA) applications to digital advertising. In fact, 99% of agencies are not capable of running this type of advanced analysis. Therefore, losing the opportunity to convert 50% of your potential sales (learn more).

  • OPPORTUNITY #2: Stop Paying 3 Times the Cost of Your Ads


Your agency sends you a monthly ads performance report. However, the agency does not allow you access to their ads publishing platform. Therefore, when you see a $3 CPC in the report,  you'd never know if the actual cost of the ad was $1 CPC and agency's markup was $2. This means, if your total ads spend was $75K, then only $25K was the actual cost of the ads (watch VIDEO below).


#1 | Predictive Advertising

Predictive modeling is the science of utilizing data, algorithms and statistics to forecast future outcomes. In 2011, Dr. TJ (TJ Jazouli, Ph.D. | CEO at Fortence) developed a methodology that reversed the operational availability model of the aerospace industry.


The methodology has enabled aerospace organizations — NASA, Boeing, and Southwest Airlines — to use an operational availability requirement to predict the required logistics, design, and operation parameters. Can a similar predictive approach be applied to digital advertising?

  • TRADITIONAL Digital Advertising collects the promotional event's details, then designs the corresponding ad campaign, and finally awaits and hopes for sales.


  • PREDICTIVE Digital Advertising reverses this approach and achieves double results in traffic and sales. In 2019, Dr. TJ has successfully applied predictive modeling to digital advertising. The methodology uses a Monte Carlo simulation that uses a conversion requirement (e.g., a purchase of a vehicle) to predict the required ads and promotional event structure.


As a result, predictive advertising reduces the time and cost of optimizing ad campaigns, while generating double results in traffic and sales.

#2 | Transparent Advertising

Business owners are not allowed to access the ads publishing platforms of their digital agency. But, why would a digital agency refuse to give access to their clients? The answer lies in the ads performance report. Specifically, the total ad spend; which does not specify the actual cost of the ads verses the agency's markup.

  • How it Works


Most digital agencies will report a monthly “blended” rate of your digital campaigns.

Blended rate = actual cost of ads + agency’s markup

For example, when the actual Cost per Click (CPC) of a specific campaign is $1;  the agency will report to your organization a “blended” CPC of $3. In other words, when you pay your agency $75,000 for a digital campaign, only $25,000 is actually spent on the ads; while $50,000 is a profit to the agency.

  • Access Denied


Your request to access the agency’s ads publishing platform will be denied. The “excuse” is usually because the platform contains proprietary data, models or algorithms. Basically, you can neither verify the actual cost of the ads, nor validate if any money was spent on the digital campaign.

  • Fortence Digital was Born out of Necessity

We give you full access to our ads publishing platforms; we disclose the actual cost of the ads; and we clearly state our miniature service fee. We utilize our digital expertise and predictive modeling tools to optimize your digital campaigns to identify, reach and convert your most qualified customers.

We have successfully enabled our clients to reduce their digital advertising budgets, while tripling their results; your organization can achieve similar success.

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