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Brand Value: define the core value of your product, service or company. We will use a human value that can be reduced to one single word.

Audience Identity: identify the demographic and psychographic of your ideal customer. We will identify your tribe members.

Competitive Difference: analyze your competitors from a branding perspective. We will determine how to be uniquely different. 

Brand Positioning: utilize the brand value, audience and difference to win the market. We will develop a unique positioning strategy.

Brand Messaging: articulate the brand value proposition to make your customers believe in your value and feel your brand.

Brand Storytelling: create a value-based story that humanizes your brand, and emotionally connects the brand with your customers. 

Brand Strategy Guidelines: define the guidelines of expressing each element of the brand strategy individually and as a whole.


Logo: create or upgrade the logo design to reflect the brand value, while considering the competitive landscape and brand strategy.

Typography: define the characteristics of the brand typography in correspondence with the strategic message and goals of the brand.

Color Palette: select the ideal group of colors that can be displayed together to express the brand value, strategy and goals.

Brand Imagery: determine the visuals that define the brand value. We will enable a specific emotion in the mind of the viewer.

Brand Iconography: illustrate the unique look and feel of the brand. Our goal is to visually convey the core value of the brand.

Brand Style Guide: define how the brand will be consistently displayed across a wide range of channels within the marketplace.

Brand Digital Collateral: illustrate how to digitally promote the brand, through your website, Apps, social media, banners, etc.

Brand Physical Collateral: illustrate how to physically promote the brand, through your brochures, packaging, environmental design, etc.


Corporate: create a step-by-step action plan to develop, implement and monitor the brand value through corporate. 

Operations: create a step-by-step action plan to develop, implement and monitor the brand value through operations.

Points of Sale: create a step-by-step action plan to develop, implement and monitor the brand value through points of sale.

Branding Metrics: develop key performance metrics to measure, analyze, and improve the brand implementation impact.

Brand Monetization: establish a financial baseline to evaluate the impact of branding on the overall revenue of the company.

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